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Deadline: On-going

ArtsAmbassadors are community volunteers who value the arts and understand the role the arts play in improving education, enriching lives, and building communities. Beyond the specific activities they undertake, the volunteers are truly ambassadors for ArtsWestchester, helping the general public better understand what ArtsWestchester does and its impact in the county.


· Interest in the arts

· Enthusiasm

· Ability to travel to assigned sites

· Ability to collect, organize and report documents on-line

· Proficient with Word

· Willing to attend Ambassador’s meetings (1x per month)

· Ability to commit reliably to an agreed upon schedule for volunteering

Personal benefits:

· Meeting like-minded people who enjoy the Arts

· Access to lectures, special tours, educational programs, and previews of special exhibitions as part of your volunteer service

· Expanding personal skills in communication and evaluating arts experiences

· Insider knowledge about ArtWestchester’s history, operations, and gallery

· Year-end volunteer appreciation event

We believe that artists and creatives are at the heart of Westchester’s cultural community. Their work sustains creative projects and fuels our cities and towns with vibrancy. We know that with the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and implementation of the social restriction measures to contain the spread of the virus, artists in all disciplines have lost critical opportunities to earn income and support their well-being. With this in mind, ArtsWestchester has issued a call to action, seeking donations from our community towards an Artist Relief fund. While we cannot forecast the total amount available through the fund, we will continue collecting donations indefinitely and distributing grants to artists as contributions come in. The number of artists we can support is directly dependent on how much funding is raised. Artists can help this effort by sharing the GoFundMe campaign on their social platforms. 

For link to GoFundMe page CLICK HERE.

ArtsWestchester will award grants of $500 to individual Westchester artists who have suffered a loss of work due to Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

Applications will be accepted beginning on May 1, 2020, on a rolling basis. Submissions will be reviewed by ArtsWestchester Staff and the Grants Committee of ArtsWestchester’s Board of Directors. 

For questions, email No calls please. 


These funds are available for individual professional artists who live or maintain a studio in Westchester County, New York. Artists must be at least 18 years old and be able to demonstrate a realized loss or anticipated loss of income due to COVID-19. Applicants will be required to submit a completed W9 (CLICK HERE).

ArtsWestchester teaching artists, past or current grantees, and artists who have received public art commissions through ArtsWestchester are all eligible to apply. 

Artists will be required to supply proof or residence, or proof of studio space in Westchester, New York along with a W9. 

Artist Relief Fund awards are a one-time grant. Artists who receive a grant through this program may not apply for additional funding in this category. If more funds are made available, ArtsWestchester may reopen the application to past awardees. 


Spring Deadline: MARCH 31st at 5:00 PM
Fall Deadline: OCTOBER 15th at 5:00 PM


What is a teaching artist roster?

ArtsWestchester administers a Teaching Artist Roster. It is an online resource for schools and community agencies who want to work in collaboration with an artist and conduct an artist residency.

What is an ‘artist residency'?

An artist residency is a highly structured, multi-session workshop that fosters learning in and through the arts. Generally, workshops are sequential, each session building upon the previous ones. Teaching Artists develop and implement residencies in collaboration with educators or, in the case of human service and community agencies, with the site staff. In schools, residencies serve as an instructional tool, helping students to master core curricula content in other subjects as well as addressing the Common Core Standards in the Arts. In day-care centers, after-school programs, mental health facilities, shelters, and other community settings, residencies foster cognitive, developmental, social and individual skills and abilities basic to success in school, in life, and in the workforce.

Who can apply to be included in the Teaching Artist Roster?

Artists of any discipline, over the age of 18, who live or maintain a studio/performance space in the New York Tri-State area.

What criteria must be met?

  • Must be an active professional in the arts with a current body of work
  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with schools and community agencies
  • Must have strong verbal and communication skills
  • Must have knowledge and understanding of curricula and the needs of particular groups, e.g., pre-school, children, seniors, teens, individuals with disabilities, etc. 
  • Must have experience conducting residencies and/or hands-on workshops.

How does an artist apply for the program?

Complete this Teaching Artist Roster application through ArtsWestchester's Submittable portal.

What is the selection process?

ArtsWestchester secures an independent panel of professionals in the field to review all applications and recommend artists to the Teaching Artist Roster that are qualified to conduct art programs in schools and community sites. In addition to reviewing the application, the panel convenes 5-6 weeks after the deadline for a brief interview with each candidate. Candidates will be informed in advance of their interview date and time.*

What kind of remuneration can an artist anticipate?
It is the responsibility of the artist to negotiate their payment with the school and/or community site. However, based on current industry trends, the Teaching Artist panel recommends the following fee structure:

  • $350 per full day (Between 3 and 5 ½ hours, including set-up and clean-up time)
  • $200 per half day (1 ½ to 3 hours, including set-up and clean-up time)
  • $150 per planning session (1-1 ½ hours)

  • $150 per wrap up session (1-1 ½ hours)

How will an artist know their status?

On behalf of the Teaching Artist panel, ArtsWestchester will inform all candidates their status by letter 6 weeks after the interview process.

What happens if an artist is accepted onto the Teaching Artist Roster?

After receiving the welcome letter and attending a recommended new artist orientation, the artist now qualifies to be listed as a Roster Teaching Artist for opportunities to partner with schools and community sites. Please take the necessary steps to get fingerprinted. Many schools and community sites require that an artist has been cleared/fingerprinted by the New York State Education Department in order to conduct on-going programs at their sites. Failure to be fingerprinted can/will result in a lost opportunity to work in a school or community site. Many schools and community agencies administer residency programs in partnership with artists. These entities select the artists through recommendations and other resources, one of which is the Teaching Artist Roster. If selected by a school and/or community agency, artists will have the opportunity to sharpen their teaching skills by conducting educational art programs and supplement their income while continuing their professional growth.

What happens if an artist is not accepted?

If not accepted into the Teaching Artist Roster, the artist may reapply at a later date. Artists may set-up a consultation with an ArtsWestchester Arts-in-Education staff member to discuss the panel’s feedback on their application.

* If there are an insufficient number of applications, the Teaching Artist Roster panel reserves the right to rollover all submissions until the next deadline. All applicants will be notified of any postponements.

If you have any other questions about the teaching artist program or application process, contact Jennifer McIntyre (Program Manager of Arts in Education at ArtsWestchester) by email at 


Spring Deadline: MARCH 31st at 5:00 PM
Fall Deadline: OCTOBER 15th at 5:00 PM


In order to maintain your status on the ArtsWestchester Teaching Artist Roster, you will need to reapply every fifth year. Please read through the guidelines to ensure that you complete the application correctly.

By what criteria am I evaluated?

  • The artistic merit of your creative work and professional accomplishments
  • Your ability to work collaboratively with schools and community service agencies
  • Your demonstrated communication skills (including the ability to communicate your artistic discipline and related activities in written form in your application).
  • Knowledge and understanding of curricula and the needs of particular groups (ex: preschool-aged children, seniors, teens, persons with disabilities, etc).
  • Your experience conducting residencies and/or hands-on workshops.

After submission, what happens to my application?

ArtsWestchester staff members will review your application to ensure it is complete and adheres to the guidelines. The completed application will then be reviewed by an outside panel of professional artists, educators, and administrators to determine your continued inclusion as a teaching artist. Within 12 weeks of the panel’s review, ArtsWestchester will notify you of your status.

What if I am not accepted?

Participation in the teaching artist program is not static. Some artists choose to take a hiatus; others may need time to update their knowledge and develop new teaching approaches. Acceptance into the program is competitive and depends on the merit of the application materials you provide as well as current needs in the field. ArtsWestchester encourages you to reapply if your status is not renewed. Whether you’re accepted or not by the panel, ArtsWestchester will notify you.

Please contact Jennifer McIntyre at with any questions.

 ArtsWestchester invites artists from Westchester and the broader Hudson Valley/NYC Metro area to submit available artworks for sale or exhibition in our Corporate and Arts for Healing partnerships. ArtsWestchester believes that the arts should be accessible to all people and that artwork enriches any environment – be it classroom, conference room, apartment building or hospital waiting room.

Opportunity Details:

ArtsWestchester seeks original prints, paintings, mixed-media works, photographs, and sculptures of all sizes and media for consideration. Submitted works should be currently available for loan or purchase. 

Typical exhibition periods are 6 months to one year. Artists selected for exhibitions will receive an honorarium. 

Artists selected for either exhibition or sale to health care facilities will be required to present works prepared to hang per the site's specifications.  

By submitting images of your artwork, you agree to have these images included in our proposals to our professional clients. 

Preferred subjects: Landscape, botanical, local topography (Tri-state area), abstraction, colorful imagery, seasonal themes.

Required Materials:

  1. Up to fifteen (15) images of available artworks in a .jpg format (or similar). Name the file the title of the work. As we primarily present artwork to our clients digitally, images should be high resolution.
  2. A corresponding works list including price, title, medium, size, notes on availability etc.
  3. An artist biography/statement

ArtsWestchester’s Call to Poets For the role of Westchester County Poet Laureate 

Application Deadline:  Monday, October 2, 2023, 11:59pm

The Westchester Poet Laureate Program embraces both written and spoken poetic traditions, and seeks to promote poetry as a medium that defies boundaries and categories, serves as a platform for underrepresented voices, and offers a space for personal reflection and healing. Poetry is one of the pillars of the humanities, and the Westchester Poet Laureate program is to be a public humanities position. Through public facing programming, the Poet Laureate will mobilize poetry to connect with diverse audiences, to address topics of cultural, social, and historical importance, and to show that poetry can bring real meaning and positive social change to people’s lives and communities. In concert with the Westchester County Executive's office, ArtsWestchester will appoint and support an outstanding Westchester poet as Poet Laureate for the County, sponsor public programs that feature local-area poets, and promote poetry as a relevant and accessible art form. This program will be open to poets specializing in spoken and/or written traditions, and languages other than English will be considered.

The Laureate will encourage the community to engage with poetry by creating and leading activities that inspire writing and performances of poetry among all age groups while initiating a dialogue between local poets, cultural organizations, and community institutions.  We are looking for a laureate who can creatively use their individual talents and strengths to serve as an ambassador to elevate the stature of poetry in the community for all Westchester residents and visitors.

For full guidelines click here.

The Poet Laureate must:

  • Be a resident of Westchester County, NY for at least 2 years
  • Demonstrate a commitment to poetry writing, spoken word performance, and community involvement and outreach
  • Have past work that is of high artistic quality (demonstrated by the required writing sample) and a record of publication in journals, chapbooks, books (including audio or video)
  • Demonstrate plans and capacity to engage the public through programming 
  • Be at least 25 years of age at time of application
  • Be able to serve the full three-year term as laureate and maintain residency in Westchester County throughout the term

Length of Term
  The Laureate will be appointed to serve a three-year (36 month) term. The expected term will be from January 2024 to December 2026.

   The Laureate will develop and lead their own community engagement event(s), examples of which could include writing workshops or readings at schools (pending District approval) or community centers. Preferably the Poet Laureate would engage the public through a project-based activity that the Laureate candidate proposes and enacts. The Laureate would also be encouraged to work with Westchester’s Youth Poet Laureate.  At the end of each year, the Laureate will submit a brief report on recent accomplishments and plans for the following year.

When possible, Poet Laureate will assist with research and development of proposals for additional funding to support the Laureate's humanities-based work.

For any questions please contact